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Amazon and Currys unveil Black Friday deals for the UK

If you're hungering for a deal for your Christmas shopping this week, Amazon and some of the UK's largest tech retailers have you covered.


Get your Amazon Echo for less.


Love it or hate it, and I suspect that you're in the latter camp, Black Friday has landed in the UK with retailers like Amazon, Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse jumping into fray. No, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have Black Friday when there's no Thanksgiving before it, but it's still a day to grab great deals. So if you can stomach that sense of rampant materialism, read on. And don't forget to check out CNET's Christmas Gift Guide for fantastic gift ideas.


On Friday, 24 November, Amazon will sell its Amazon Echo speaker for £119.99 (down from £149.99) and the Amazon Echo Dot for £39.99 (saving you £10).

Both the Echo and Echo Dot arrived in the UK in September with promises that the Alexa personal assistant would be able to speak like a Brit. Watch our video below to see if that's really true.

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Currys PC World

Currys has deals for gadgets and appliances of all sorts. Here's my pick of the picks, but you can peruse all bargains, and order what you see below, on the Currys website.

Available only on Friday, 24 November
Available through Wednesday, 30 November (while supplies last)

Buy enough Echos and make a Christmas tree of the boxes as these Amazon employees did.

Mikael Buck/Amazon

Carphone Warehouse

Phones, of course, are what you'll find here. A sampling is below, hop over to Carphone Warehous for the full details.