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Amazon cashes in on Obamania merchandising craze

Amazon commemorates our 44th president with a USB key.

Doesn't look very waterproof to me. Amazon

Presidential commemorative merchandise is always a hot seller, but the First Face is usually reserved for porcelain dishes, stamps, or squeezy cheesy T-shirts. Being that our 44th president is a twittering BarackBerry user, it's fitting for Amazon to finally offer an Obama USB Flash Drive. I just wish it weren't so unbearably ugly.

The 2GB drives are manufactured by Active Media Products and sold on Amazon for $9, plus shipping. The design looks unfinished, though, bearing Obama's painted profile across the front of the drive. Also, isn't it a little sad and ironic that the most patriotic part of the drive is its packaging? They couldn't have put those red, white, and blue stripes on the drive itself? Also, the store claims the drive is waterproof, but that smells fishy to me without material specification. For all its faults, the drive does have one neat feature: it comes loaded with almost an hour full of Obama's speeches in MP3 format, including his famous inaugural address.

Buy the 2GB Obama Drive for $8.95 here.

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