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Amazon building a holographic 3D smart phone, report says

The Kindle-maker's rumoured smart phone is -- apparently -- just one of several new devices in the pipeline.

Amazon is cooking up a slew of new hardware treats to follow the Kindle, according to new rumours -- including a high-end smart phone with a holographic 3D display.

The rumoured mobile will have a 3D display that doesn't require glasses to use, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing 'people familiar with the company's plans'.

That kooky-sounding display will apparently use eye-tracking tech to make images on the smart phone look three-dimensional from any angle, while you'll reportedly be able to navigate through the phone's interface using only your eyes.

We've seen glasses-free 3D in the Nintendo 3DS and other gadgets, while the Galaxy S4 is packed to the rafters with eye-tracking tech. Amazon is best known for flogging books, e-ink ereaders and cheap tablets like the Kindle Fire HD, but is now apparently looking to expand, in an effort to compete with the likes of Google and Apple.

The report claims that Amazon is making two 4G smart phones, and is building other hardware in its top-secret development dungeon, including an audio streaming device and a set-top box.

Some new devices could make it onto shop shelves within months apparently, but are all at risk of being canned because of performance or financial concerns.

I'd love to see Amazon make a smart phone because it tends to give its gadgets low, low prices, sucking up the cost of building the devices with the hope of making its money back on movie, book and game downloads.

Would you buy a Kindle phone? Do you think Amazon could compete with Apple and Samsung? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.