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Amazon brings Dash Replenishment to more products

The tech, which can teach a device to reorder its own supplies, first came to market in January.


Always searching for new ways to make money, Amazon stands to gain from these subscription-like devices.


Now even more devices and appliances can become Amazon shoppers.

The e-commerce giant said Thursday that it added a handful more brands to its Amazon Dash Replenishment program, which involves technology that can teach gadgets to reorder their own supplies directly from Amazon. Devices from AESOP-Works, Behmor, JP Certified, Neato Robotics, Perfect Company, Petcube, simplehuman and SmartThings are now compatible with the Dash Replenishment technology. Also, GE Appliances will expand its number of Dash-supported products.

For example, Neato's robot vacuum will be able to reorder replacement filters and brushes, and simplehuman's smart trash can will be able to reorder new bags.

Hershey and Vivint also joined the program but didn't offer details just yet on how the tech will be used.

The first devices under Dash Replenishment came out this January. For Amazon, the program's benefits could be quite significant. Teaching coffee makers and dog food bowls to buy directly from Amazon locks in repeat purchases to its website, similar to a subscription service, and keeps those dollars away from competitors.