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Amazon brings Appstore Test Drive to the handset

The company says that the Test Drive feature is currently only available in beta, and works with more than 5,000 applications.

Amazon's Appstore Test Drive.
Amazon's Appstore Test Drive. Amazon

If you're not sure if you want to buy an application, you can now try it out before you drop your cash.

Amazon announced yesterday that Android device owners will now be able to test drive applications, in its Appstore before they buy. The new Test Drive feature is currently available in beta, and only supports apps that use the touch screen and accelerometer features. Apps that require using the keyboard, multitouch, or the camera, among other components, are not currently supported.

According to Amazon, Test Drive is available on more than 5,000 applications offered through its Appstore, and more programs will be added over time. In order to test drive the applications, users need only to click the "Test Drive" button on the app's product page. The service then runs the app virtually to let users see what it would be like to have the app on their device.

Amazon launched its Test Drive service last year. But at that time, the company let users try out apps from their browser.