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Amazon Prime Video blesses Android with downloads that won't hog phone storage

Amazon will let Prime Video members download movies and TV shows onto a removable memory card, so you can watch offline without eating up all your phone's space.


That little SD card doesn't look like a movie projector, but Amazon wants it to work like one.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Netflix won't let anyone store movies or shows to watch offline, but Amazon just amped up its download options for Android users in a big way.

If you own a device running Google's Android system, Amazon will let you download titles from its Netflix-like Prime Video service onto SD cards, removable storage units that keep your phone's internal storage from getting too packed. (Apple devices like iPhones have fully enclosed bodies that don't allow owners to slip in extra storage like an SD card.)

People who have purchased a digital video outright from Amazon can store the item on an SD card too.

The move opens the door to potentially loading up various cards with different content to swap in and out when you want to watch a video but can't connect to a network to stream.

The feature is available to Amazon customers in US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan. They can automatically set the SD card as their default location for downloading and then, after an item is downloaded, they can switch the location where the title is stored in settings.