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Amazon begins peddling e-documents

The e-tailer is hoping customers will want access to hard-to-find texts and is looking to address the growing demand for market research. began selling electronic documents Thursday to give customers access to hard-to-find texts and to capitalize on the growing demand for market research.

The Seattle-based e-tailer said the e-documents, which include investor research reports, journal articles, reference material and other research documents, can be downloaded via Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Amazon said the move is an effort by the company to address the demand for market research, a roughly $3 billion dollar industry that is growing 30 percent annually. The e-document store complements the e-tailer's e-books store, which was launched last year.

The e-documents store features content from Accenture, CIBC World markets, Faulkner Information Services, IDC and many other sources.