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Amazon Appstore finally nabs hit game Candy Crush

The popular sweets-themed candy game hits the Amazon store in select countries Tuesday and worldwide on October 17.

Amazon's growing app store has finally scored Candy Crush Saga, arguably the most popular mobile game at the moment.

King, the game's creator, announced that the game would land in Amazon's Appstore for "select" countries Tuesday, with a global release on Thursday. Candy Crush has more than 53 million daily players and is a top game on iOS and Android, as well as on Facebook, the network where it first gained its fame. Now all Amazon needs is itslong-rumored smartphone to really capitalize on Candy Crush's addictive gameplay. It's a nice nab for Amazon, which has been trying to bolster its app offerings.

King had deployed other games in Amazon's store previously. Tommy Palm, King's head of development for games, gushed about the Kindle Fire tablet experience in a press release. This new version of Candy Crush is optimized for the Amazon tablets, which means it includes Amazon Appstore-specific features like one-click in-app purchases.

"We've had such positive feedback from players regarding King's first Kindle Fire title, Bubble Witch Saga, that we now feel the time is right to bring Candy Crush Saga to Kindle Fire fans," Palm said in the release. "The Kindle Fire is a great device with which to enjoy the Candy Crush Saga gameplay and, with levels regularly added by the King team, we hope to keep Kindle Fire owners entertained every day."

Amazon recently released a more powerful Kindle Fire tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX, and Amazon was sure to highlight the tablet in Tuesday's news. The company's been working hard to grow its Appstore by offering developer and consumer incentives, like free Amazon credits, and trying to target top apps.