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Amazon and Apple Refurb store drop Time Capsule prices

Price drops on Apple Time Capsule router/NAS drive

9to5mac noticed that Apple's 1TB Time Capsule network router/storage device dropped from $500 to $388 on We also found the 500GB model down to $260 from $300. Apple's Refurb store has similar price drops, although the main Apple online store still has them for their original prices.

Sarah Tew/CNET

As 9to5mac speculates, this could mean an impending Time Capsule refresh. We'll take a stab and say 1TB for $300 and 2TB for $500. Letting the current market guide us, external 1TB drives currently go for $100 to $120, and we've seen 2TB models for as low as $235. A decent N router can be had for less than $150. So that's $250 on the low end for 1TB and $385 on the high end for 2TB for a DIY router/storage combo. Drop the prices for the raw components, throw in the so-called Apple tax and that range could scale nicely with Apple's current price points. Any other guesses?