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You can now get Alexa on your wrist, thanks to Martian

Martian has partnered with Amazon to bring the voice assistant to its line of mVoice hybrid watches.

Martian Watches

Martian Watches has added Alexa to its line of mVoice timepieces, the watchmaker announced Tuesday. The partnership will give mVoice owners access to more than 5,000 of the Amazon voice assistant's "skills," which are kind of like apps.

You'll be able to ask the weather, add an item to a shopping list, create reminders or alarms, control your smart home, request a ride with an Lyft and more -- all on your wrist.

The mVoice line of watches resemble traditional analog timepieces, but with hidden connected features. There's a small OLED display on the bottom of the watch face that's used to notify you of things like incoming calls, text messages and upcoming calendar events from your phone. The watches also include a microphone for making calls and sending text messages when connected to an iPhone or Android phone.

Martian's mVoice line of watches are available now -- you can find them for $160 on Amazon.