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No kidding! Amazon's Alexa no longer tells Trump jokes

Amazon's virtual assistant says it doesn't know any jokes about President Donald Trump.


Sorry, no more Trump jokes!

Josh Miller/CNET

It looks like Amazon's Alexa has lost a bit of humor.

On Sunday, a Reddit user posted that the virtual assistant would no longer tell jokes about President Donald Trump. Instead, Alexa now responds: "I don't know any Donald Trump jokes. But you can ask me for a political joke instead."

We tested this in-house with an Amazon Dot and, indeed, no more Trump jokes.

Maybe Alexa's Trump jokes just weren't funny? Or maybe Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has patched things up with the president? Alexa didn't provide more information on this, either.

Amazon said the jokes were a part of the election coverage, which has already ceased.

"The political and presidential candidate jokes were a small part of our larger primaries and election coverage on Alexa -- customers loved asking Alexa about polling results, information on where and when to vote, and real-time election and primary results," Amazon said in a statement. "As the general election has concluded, election-focused content like this is no longer available on Alexa."

Updated at 6:20 p.m. PT with Amazon's statement.