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Amazon adds HTML5 Web-app support for Kindle Fire, Android

The company will now allow Web app developers to port their HTML5 programs directly to its Appstore.

Amazon is making it a bit easier for Web developers to bring their applications to mobile devices.

The company on Wednesday announced that its Appstore now supports HTML5 Web apps. According to Amazon, Web developers can port their Web apps directly to Amazon's Appstore without any additional coding. From there, the application is made available to Kindle Fire and Android users through Amazon's Appstore.

To make the offering a bit more appealing to developers, Amazon is also allowing them to access its In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript. By using that, developers can incorporate the sale of digital goods, as well as subscriptions and digital currencies, into their titles.

According to Amazon, it decided to offer Web-app support after developers complained that it was too difficult to port titles from the Internet to mobile products. Web developers looking to port titles would previously need to use additional software to convert their apps into native programs.