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Amazing room made of old PC parts

Polish sculptor and designer Marek Tomasik makes a room out of PC-related parts he has collected over a span of three years.

Room of PC parts
Marek Tomasik

Ever wondered where old PCs go to die? Apparently, some of them disappear to a place called the Dead Computer Room. Designed by Polish sculptor and designer Marek Tomasik, this room consists entirely of wood and old computer parts.

According to Tomasik, the 16x13x15-foot room contains at least three years worth of PC-related junk, ranging from cooling fans to computer casings. He added that this room would be part of a bigger art project, though he didn't offer more details.

We'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Lastly, check out Tomasik's 3D interactive map if you want to see the entire room.

Room of PC parts
Marek Tomasik

(Source: Crave Asia via BitRebels)