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Amateur filmmakers remake 'Toy Story' as live-action movie

Shot-for-shot re-creation of the 1995 animated children's movie using the original soundtrack and franchise-licensed toys has become an Internet sensation.

Woody and Buzz

The original "Toy Story" took years and $30 million to produce, but a pair of enterprising filmmakers have created a live-action tribute to the Pixar classic with a few toys picked up at the local toy store.

Filmmakers Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta began working on their remake of the 1995 animated children's movie in 2010 and posted the fruit of two and a half years of work yesterday on YouTube. In less than 24 hours, the 80-minute-long movie, titled simply "Live Action Toy Story," has become an Internet sensation, attracting more than a quarter million views.

While Pixar used ground-breaking animation techniques to produce realistic toys, people, and landscapes, the remake's directors employed real people, toys licensed by Pixar, and a video camera to create their tribute film. The film also borrows the soundtrack from the original movie, as well as the voice-overs from actors Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, who voiced the roles of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, respectively.

The pair reportedly won approval from Pixar before posting their version online.

Their video: