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Amadana brings back the '70s, in stereo

Japanese brand gives Europeans some design competition.


Japan's Amandana may eventually give the Italians and the Dutch a run for their money in the design department. The brand first got our attention nearly a year ago with a decidedly crushworthy bamboo DVD player, then an all-in-one audio cube and even some cheeky leather land-line phones.

Now it's taking on the retro trend with '70s-style stereo that could be right out of a Marantz catalog at the height of the disco era (but better). It should be noted here that there's good '70s and bad '70s retro, by the way.

Clean lines are an understatement in this walnut-clad system, which features a progressive-scan DVD player and Dolby sound. As Technabob says, its technology is far from state of the art, but that's not what Amadana is about, as made clear by the company's zen-like mission statement.