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Always On Episode 44: Unboxing the Asus PadFone Infinity

In this week's episode, the Asus PadFone Infinity turns phone into tablet, the BlackBerry Q10 takes a spa day, and we see what electronic bicycles bring to the future of transportation.

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Well, folks, this episode just about sums up Season 4. It's been another a great one, but don't worry, we're not planning on spending the summer lounging by the pool sipping fancy cocktails. It's too cold in San Francisco, anyway. We're already on the prowl, gearing up for Season 5. Plus, we've even got a couple special shows and an Always On giveaway coming in the next few weeks to keep you guys entertained.

For this week's unboxing, we take our first look at a one-of-a-kind gadget: the Asus PadFone Infinity. Despite a rather bizarre name -- and function for that matter -- this thing's got style. The PadFone stands out from the rest of the bunch in that it's an LTE smartphone that, once inserted into its included "shell," becomes a 10.1-inch tablet. We'll be the first to admit that the necessity of this device seems a little iffy. However, after spending some time with it, we can see how the PadFone Infinity could find a way into your everyday routine. But with a price tag in the $1,000 range, it's begging for a road-test before we deem it worthy of a buy.

Electric Bicycle Outlet's Len Rogers shows us how the Stealth Bomber merges mountain bikes with motocross.

Next up, we take the BlackBerry Q10 to the torture chamber. Given that BlackBerry devices spend most of their days in the business world, we figured it needed to get out of the office, so to speak. So we left the bustling rat race of downtown San Francisco to get some much needed R & R at SenSpa in the beautiful Presidio. But what if you need to get to those e-mails in mid-massage? Let's see how the BlackBerry Q10 can handle the fruits of labor.

In Future Tech, we take a look at how both pedal-assist and power-on-demand electronic bicycles are making their way into the U.S. marketplace. This topic really hits home for us here in the Bay Area, given that we have to traverse the monstrosities of San Francisco hills everyday. Not to mention, a little help from an electric motor gets you to the office without completely sweating through your best business casual. We caught up with the crews at Faraday, Electric Bicycle Outlet, and the New Wheel. Yep, San Francisco's hills sport some of the steepest paved inclines in the country. As you'll see, Molly finds out the hard way.

In the mailbag, Aliah writes in to tell us how she accidentally put her Chromebook Pixel through a full wash and dry cycle, only to have it to come out unscathed. We think the whole story sounds a little fishy... Then, Meridith from Alaska writes to alert us of her frigid five-month iPhone torture test experience.

As mentioned above, stay tuned to the blog this week for another one of our famous Always On sweepstakes. Rumor has it there are multiple gadgets in need of new homes. Thanks for watching, and see you next week!