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Always Innovating launching touch-screen Netbook

One of the most eagerly anticipated presentations at Demo 09 is the Touch Book, which runs on an ARM chip and has a detachable (and optional) keyboard.

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PALM DESERT, Calif.--I think the most eagerly anticipated demo at Demo 09 here will be Always Innovating's Touch Book, slated for late Monday afternoon. It's yet another Netbook, granted, but it's got a cool detachable (and optional) keyboard, and a magnetic mount for sticking onto a refrigerator.

I got a quick demo video (left) with the company's CEO, Gregoire Gentil, who is French. He couldn't show me the user interface on the prototype hardware he had with him, but says it will be easy to use with big, fat American fingers (he didn't actually say that).

The product will run a Linux OS, Gentil said, and it's the first Netbook based on an ARM CPU, not the typical Atom found in most Netbooks. He says users can expect 10 to 15 hours of battery life. The product will be $299 without the keyboard, $399 with. It ships this spring, but you can preorder now.

The Always Innovating Netbook has a detachable keyboard. Rafe Needleman/CNET

The back of the tablet is magnetic, so you can stick it on your fridge. Rafe Needleman/CNET

The touch-screen UI is built on top of a Linux distro. Always Innovating