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Altec releases iMT630 portable iPhone speaker dock

Altec's newest portable speaker dock for the iPhone and iPod has a slim, curvy design and comes in multiple colors.

Altec's portable iMT630 comes in multiple colors and includes a rechargeable battery for $149.99. Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing has added another new portable iPhone/iPod speaker to its growing lineup with the $149.99 inMotion iMT630 Classic and Sport.

Continuing with Altec's trend of creating more distinctive-looking speaker docks, the iMT630 has a slim yet curvy design, a built-in rechargeable battery, and comes in multiple trim colors (the Sport version is available in red and teal, and the Classic is black).

Like other Altec speaker docks, this one becomes "app-enhanced" by adding Altec's free iOS apps, which include its Music Mood and Alarm Rock apps. The Music Mood app incorporates an ambient sound library for chilling out as well as a graphic equalizer (EQ), so you can tweak bass and treble levels.

Altec has good track record of making portable speaker docks that sound decent, and the iMT630 should sound pretty good for its size, but we'll reserve final judgment until we get our hands on a review sample.