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Altec refreshes digital boom box with new iMT810

Altec Lansing is now shipping the new Mix iMT810, an impressive-sounding iPod/iPhone portable speaker system.

Altec's Mix iMT810 digital boom box is now shipping for $299.99. Its almost identical predecessor was highly rated. Altec Lansing

Back in 2009, we reviewed Altec Lansing's $300 Mix iMT800, a modern iPod/iPhone dock with the look and feel of an old-school, crank-it-till-your-ears-bleed boom box. Now Altec's updated that portable speaker system with some small tweaks and is shipping the new Mix iMT810.

In our review of the previous model, we said the design of Altec Lansing's Mix iMT800 "may not appeal to everyone, but its winning combination of good performance, lots of oomph, and portability makes it one of the best iPod speaker options out there."

While we haven't tested the new iMT810, Altec reps said it should sound the same but has these upgrades:

  • Certified for use with iPhone 4
  • Blue backlit LCD screen for device status and track info
  • Metallic accents are brushed aluminum instead of gold
Right now Amazon has the older model on sale for $203.99, but no discounts yet on the new model. We'll let you know if it indeed sounds the same once we get our hands on a review sample.