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Altec Lansing launches first 'Works With iPhone' speakers

That over-priced Jesus phone needn't be without it's own set of speakers for much longer. Altec Lansing have just shown us it's brand spankin' new 'Works With iPhone' speaker system, and it looks just lovely

Just because the iPhone didn't entirely blow the UK away, doesn't mean companies aren't going to build neat accessories for it. And just such an accessory is the world's first 'Works With iPhone' speaker system -- the T612 from Altec Lansing. Not only are its speakers shielded from mobile signal interference, it's capable of blurting some quality audio, too, as we discovered at our private hands-on today at CES.

Both of the system's 76mm (3-inch) speakers are driven by neodymium magnets, backed up by a pair of silk dome tweeters. Because this is designed for the iPhone, it has some phone-related features, such as the ability to pause music when a call comes in and act as a speaker phone.

With a peak power output of 120W, there's enough beef here for this to fill a decent-sized bedroom. It's no hi-fi replacement, or a contender for more capable speaker systems. But with such intuitive integration with the world's snazziest phone, it's hard not to see this appealing to iPhowners around the globe. Naturally it works with all other iPods, and has a 3.5mm auxiliary input for other audio devices.

Expect a February launch in the US for $200 (£100), and a European launch around April/May. -Nate Lanxon