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Altec Lansing introduces affordable 'pro' headphones

Altec Lansing has introduced its latest set of BackBeat earphones, the BackBeat Pros, for $99.99.

The BackBeat Pros are available now for $99.99. Altec Lansing

When we reviewed Altec Lansing's line of BackBeat earphones, we were pleasantly surprised that they sounded as good as they did for what they cost. Expounding on the bang-for-the-buck theme, Altec's now introduced the line-topping BackBeat Pro UHP606 for $99.99.

Altec says the earphones include "high-end armature technology, engineered to deliver an in-studio sound experience at a price level far below competing headphones costing several hundreds more."

The press release goes on to discuss how great this technology is and how it helps achieve professional "studio quality." In other words, Altec's setting the bar pretty high, so let's hope the BackBeat Pros deliver when we get our hands on a pair.

These earphones are are actually shipping now--they're available at Best Buy and