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Altec debuts Octiv 650 iPod/iPhone speaker

Altec Lansing's Octiv 650 iPod/iPhone speaker dock is set to ship in May for $199.

The Altec Lansing Octiv 650 iPod/iPhone speaker dock ships in May for $199. Altec Lansing

It's funny sometimes when a photo and marketing description don't quite match up.

Take the Altec Lansing's new Octiv 650. From the photo above you'd think, eh, just another iPhone/iPod speaker. But oh, no. Altec's billing it as the "epitome of stylish audio performance" and goes on to describe it like this:

The Octiv 650 speaker system for iPhone and iPod is the fusion of elegant simplicity and the artistry of acoustic engineering. Its discreet lines and unique wedge shape blend in with your decor while it fills your space with full, well-balanced sound. The Octiv 650 brings a whole new level of sophistication to your listening experience. There's no tangle of cables like the old hi-fi systems. Just pure, clean, powerful sound. At home in any decor, the design is clean and stylish without shouting, "Look at me!" It's the epitome of understatement and impressive over delivery.

The Octiv 650, which ships in May for $199 MSRP, also has a component video connection for showing your iPhone and iPod videos on a TV and supports video output for YouTube and Netflix (apparently, Netflix requires an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G for video output). Also, Altec reps told us that since it has an audio input, you can run your TV's audio through the Octiv 650 and use it as a sort of sound bar.

We just got our hands on a review unit, so we'll let you know if indeed the Octiv 650 impressively over delivers--or not.