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Tech Industry

From A to Zika: Alphabet working to stamp out the virus

The life-sciences division of Google's parent company adds birth control for mosquitoes to its mix of projects.


When Google's parent company took on the name Alphabet, it was apparently serious about covering everything from A to Z.

Zika, more specifically the squashing of the virus, is reportedly one of the latest undertakings by Verily Life Sciences, a division of Alphabet.

MIT Technology Review reported Thursday that behind the steal door of a bio-safety lab on one of Alphabet's campuses in Mountain View, California, entomologists are breeding mosquitoes. It's part of a larger plan to release millions or billions of sterilized mosquitoes "as a way to battle the spread of dengue and the Zika virus, including in US cities," Technology Review said.

In addition to mosquito birth control, Verily is also reportedly working on projects like contact lenses that let you check your glucose levels, a spoon for people with tremors and a health-tracking wristband.