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Google expands Project Fi coverage with US Cellular

The wireless service will roll out expanded coverage to its subscribers in the coming weeks.

Josh Miller/CNET

Google is expanding the reach of its wireless service, called Project Fi, via a partnership with US Cellular.

The additional coverage will be "rolling out to all users" in the coming weeks and will provide added consistency and speed, Evan Jacobs, a product manager for Project Fi, wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

Project Fi, which Google launched in April 2015, is the tech giant's attempt to shake up the wireless industry with cheaper plans. The service uses a combination of cellular coverage -- from T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular -- and local Wi-Fi networks. A key aspect of Project Fi is technology that determines which network offers the best connection, allowing it to seamlessly switch among networks if one connection weakens.

Originally only available by invitation, Google opened the service to everyone in March.

Correction, 2:50 p.m PT: This story incorrectly said Project Fi was now under Google parent company Alphabet. The wireless service is still run by Google.