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(Almost) everyone's getting IE 7 via auto update

(Almost) everyone's getting IE 7 via auto update

Today Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer 7 (when it becomes available in the fall of 2006) will be pushed out to users as a high-priority update via Automatic Updates, in a move that mirrors the current update process within Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Citing what it calls significant advances in security, Microsoft recommends that all Windows XP SP2 customers install Internet Explorer 7 as soon as possible. Internet Explorer 7 will not, however, be available to those using older Windows operating systems. When IE 7 is finalized, Automatic Updates will offer the options of Install, Don't Install, and Ask Me Later. Enterprise customers will have the option to block this automatic install until IT departments are ready to roll out the updated browser within their companies. The enterprise blocker toolkit is available today. For more details, see