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Alltel jumps on the $99 unlimited plan bandwagon

Alltel jumps on the $99 unlimited plan bandwagon

Alltel plans
Compare the My Circle plans with the $99.99 National Freedom Unlimited plan Alltel

In an effort to keep up with the other carriers, Alltel introduced a nationwide unlimited calling plan called National Freedom Unlimited for $99.99 a month. However, Alltel insists that this plan will only appeal to a few customers, and that most people will want to go for one of their 5, 10, or 20 My Circle plans, for a more economical price. And if you don't call a lot of people that regularly, it makes sense--the My Circle5 plan includes 750 anytime minutes for only $49.99, for example. However, if you're considering a MyCircle20 plan, you might want to consider going the National Freedom Unlimited route anyway, just so you don't have to keep counting your minutes. Have a gander at the Alltel chart and make your own decisions. [Source: PhoneScoop]