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Allswell mattress sale: Save up to 15% on a hybrid mattress

Don't sleep on these deals.


You usually need to wait for a holiday like Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend to hit a mattress sale, but hybrid-mattress-maker Allswell is offering discounts on two of its mattresses for the whole month of September. 

What's a hybrid mattress, you ask? It combines foam and coil construction for best-of-both-worlds comfort. Allswell sells three different mattresses, and the top two are discounted by 10% or 15% this month. Let's have a look.

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The middle rung of Allswell's offerings is a 12-inch-tall hybrid mattress with individually wrapped coils, a one-inch layer of high-density foam, a two-inch layer of copper-infused memory foam and a quilted top layer with cooling technology. With code LUXE10, you can save 10% on any size Luxe hybrid mattress. Offer ends Sept. 30.

The high-end Supreme mattress from Allswell is a 14-inch-tall hybrid mattress that adds a copper-and-graphite-infused memory foam, extra edge support and a Euro top for extra cushiness. With code SUPREME15, you can save 15% on any size Supreme hybrid mattress. Offer ends Sept. 30.