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All's pretty quiet in Palm's house for GSMA

Palm's presence at GSMA Mobile World Congress is pretty quiet, but rumors surface that AT&T will get the Palm Centro next week.

Palm at GSMA CNET Networks

There's a lot of Windows Mobile and Symbian news at GSMA Mobile World Congress, but things have been pretty quiet in Palm-land. Still, the company is here at the show, and there was a wee bit news. First, a GSM version of the Palm Centro will be coming to Europe. According to Treonauts, the unlocked Centro will be available in the United Kingdom on February 14, and at the end of the month for the rest of Europe with a price tag of 299 euros. A Web site called TamsWMS also has what appears to be the first unboxing of an unlocked Palm Treo 500 for Vodafone, though we haven't heard anything official about this product yet.

Back here in the States, rumors are starting to pick up that AT&T will start selling the Palm Centro on February 19. It will carry the same attractive $99 price tag as its Sprint counterpart, but will come in a fresh white color. Stay tuned for more.