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See gator gobble golf ball on Florida course

A reticent reptile gets in the way of a chip shot and decides to make a snack out of the stroke.

Alligators can be an even more active hazard for golfers than we already knew. That's what one twosome discovered while playing the third hole of the Long Marsh course at Rotunda Golf and Country Club near Port Charlotte, Florida, on Saturday.

When a big gator lurking on the edge of a lake gets hit by a golf ball, it doesn't retreat, but instead makes a meal out of the hard sphere, perhaps mistaking it for a particularly chewy egg.

The above video from WPTV in West Palm Beach makes it look as though the chip shot at the reptile's head was deliberate rather than an accident, as the camera is trained on the animal in advance of the stroke.

This is neither cool nor a very good idea for the safety of either gator and golfer, just for the record. Hopefully the alligator spit the ball up later and doesn't decide it likes the taste of Titleist. Otherwise games at Long Marsh will soon become much more challenging.