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Alleged image of iPad 5 shows thinner front panel

A purported picture of the fifth-generation iPad's front panel reveals a thin bezel, much like the one on the iPad Mini.

Is this a photo of the next iPad?
Is this a photo of the next iPad? Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

The next-generation iPad will follow its smaller counterpart in offering a thinner design, at least according to an image leaked by French Web site

The alleged image of the iPad 5 shows the front cover and the surrounding bezel with a much thinner design than that of the current iPad. The thinness of the case suggests that Apple is borrowing some design tips from the iPad Mini for its fifth-generation iPad.

Past rumors have already suggested that the next 9.7-inch iPad would sport a thinner design. But this may be the first photo evidence to back up those rumors. Of course, that assumes the image is legit. has a good track record of uncovering accurate details about future Apple products. In this case, the site said it received the image from one of its Chinese sources. But like with all leaked information, this image should be taken with a grain of salt.

The iPad 5's launch date remains a mystery.

A report out yesterday from DigiTimes said the new tablet would go into production this summer. A competing report published last month on the blog iMore claimed Apple might launch its new iPad in an "April-ish" timeframe, but that seems highly unlikely at this point.

Last year, Apple unveiled the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad Mini in October and released them in early November.

(Via Cult of Mac)