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Alleged bank robbers' Google search: 'What happens if you rob bank?'

Police say that three people charged in Massachusetts with robbing a bank left behind some very interesting searches on a computer.

Two of the suspects. NECN screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

A bank robbery is like an IPO.

You have to prepare carefully. You have to make sure you don't leave traces of evidence that someone afterward might point to and say: "Aha!"

I wonder, therefore, about the evidence that police say they collected after a bank robbery in Weymouth, Mass.

As CBS Boston reports, police say Sarah McLoud, Robert Owens, and Daniel Murphy are the guilty parties in the robbery.

They also say a perusal of McLoud's computer offered traces of incriminating Google searches.

For among these wasn't "What happens to our money if the government defaults?" but rather "If you're going to rob a bank..." And, well, "What happens if you rob a bank?"

Oh, look, these allegedly weren't the only two. The Boston Globe revealed that the searches also included "What happens if you rob a house?" and "What happens if you rob a drug dealer?"

I wasn't aware that bank robbers needed such rudimentary information. But I think I know very well what happens when you rob a drug dealer. The drug dealer gets annoyed and you get a visit from several large, annoyed people.

Oddly, the alleged robbers were said to be wise enough to demand of the teller at the Weymouth Bank not to include a dye pack.

However, now Owens and McLoud have been charged with unarmed robbery, conspiracy to commit unarmed robbery, possession with intent to distribute heroin, and possession with intent to distribute Xanax.

Murphy, said to be the getaway driver, is being held on $25,000 bail.

It is wrong to condone any form of robbery. One might imagine, though, that if you need to know more about what happens when you rob a bank, you might first watch a few movies.

If you need to search the Web, perhaps an Internet cafe might be a good idea. Oh, and pay cash. Stolen notes are not a good idea, by the way.