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All your iPhone X questions answered (The 3:59, Ep. 309)

Mobile reviewer Scott Stein joins the podcast to show off Apple's newest phone.


iPhone X, notch and all.

This story is part of The Daily Charge, CNET reporters Roger Cheng and Ben Fox Rubin tackle the top tech stories of the day. Don't mind their awkwardness.

With the iPhone X going on sale this Friday, we invited over reviewer Scott Stein to talk about what it's been like using the device.

We discussed the new Face ID biometric system, edge-to-edge screen with a cutout "notch" on top and the phone's hefty price. Plus, check out the extended show on YouTube for more iPhone X topics and viewers' questions.

The 3:59 gives you bite-size news and analysis about the top stories of the day, brought to you by the CNET News team in New York and producer Bryan VanGelder.

Check out the extended shows on YouTube. 

All your iPhone X questions answered (The 3:59, Ep. 309)

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