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All the best Batman one-liners from Adam West, courtesy of Conan

Conan O'Brien released a montage of Adam West as Batman. You'll never look at a jukebox the same way.


Conan O'Brien Monday released a touching and humorous montage of Adam West as Batman. Take a look at the video above.

West, who died in June at the age of 88 from leukemia, has received many moving tributes from fans. The bat signal even lit up LA's City Hall Tower in his honor.

The montage is made up of one-liners West stoically delivered in the "Batman" TV series from 1966-68, including the immortal, "Always inspect a jukebox carefully. These machines can be deadly."

West's Batman can be seen stopping midpursuit to put money in a parking meter for the Batmobile and in another scene waggling a tiny live fish, saying, "A true crime fighter always carries everything he needs in a utility belt, Robin."