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All that and a box of nails: Girt by CNET podcast 85

The Girt team talk Apple Pay vs. Australia's big banks, fantasy sports with a box office twist and the worst things to box up for Dad this Fathers' Day.


Apple is locked in a Goliath vs. slightly smaller Goliath situation with three of Australia's biggest banks saying that the tech giant needs to open up about how its Apple Pay mobile payment system operates, and the banks have gone to Australia's consumer protection body for permission to do it. We talk about what it means for mobile payments in Australia, and likely outcomes (it doesn't look too rosy for the banks).

We also give our browser game obsession du jour a look-in. Fantasy Movie League is just starting a new season, and some of us are more than a little obsessed with the box office tipping competition. Even if we didn't do so well last season and are still kind of bitter about it.

Finally, we run through some horror-story tech don'ts for this Fathers' Day.

Girt by CNET podcast 85

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