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All-terrain robocar isn't just a toy

Water, snow and sand are no match for this toy

That irritating mosquito copter we wrote about earlier had better not run out of batteries around this thing, or it'll be squashed like the RC bug that it is.

All-terrain RC car
Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer has come out with this all-terrain "screw-propelled remote control car" that would gleefully crush anything in its path. Why "screw-propelled," you ask? As any schoolboy knows, that refers to the technology used by the "Snowbird 6 vehicle that crossed the Bering Strait during the Ice Challenger British exploration expedition of 2002," according to the product literature. When constructed wisely, a pair of rotating screws apparently can take a vehicle across water, snow and sand (as well as a carpeted family-room floor, presumably).

Now if we can just get one of those back-flipping bots to go with it, we'll be ready to take on the neighbor's dog.