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All-robot band takes on The Ramones

Meet Compressorhead, a literal metal band consisting entirely of robots.

(Credit: Compressorhead)

Meet Compressorhead, a literal metal band consisting entirely of robots.

Technically The Ramones is a punk band, but German band Compressorhead is more mëtäl than mëtäl. The band is human free, and its members are robots.

On drums, there's the mohawked Stickboy. Although he's influenced by the likes of Danny Carey, Martin Lopez and Mike Portnoy, he has an advantage that those musicians never had: an extra pair of arms, and a combination of DrumTrax, LM2 and original MPC60 software.

On lead guitar, there's Fingers. He has 78 fingers. Using hydraulic actuators and string manipulators, Fingers can play faster than 10 humans. Well, maybe seven. Also, his face is a robo-skull, and he wears cowboy boots, so he's automatically 10 times cooler than Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Finally, on bass is Bones. He has the regulation human number of fingers and arms, but his head looks like an alien from outer space.

The band is a collaboration between two independent German robot and prop makers, Robocross and Kernschrott, both of whom built one of the two original band members — Robocross built Stickboy in 2007, and Kernschrott built Fingers in 2009. Both robots are powered by compressed air, and are pre-programmed to play their music.

So, how good can a robot band be? Pretty danged good, as it turns out. Watch the video below to see Compressorhead take on an instrumental version of "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones, and hit up their website for more ace music videos.