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All-natural shot glasses

Using the ShotCarver, you can turn apples, pears, and other fruit into shot glasses ready to serve.

The ShotCarver Cool Stuff Express

If you've ever run out of glassware at a party, you've probably racked your brain for something else you can use to serve drinks. Have you ever considered raiding your fruit basket? The ShotCarver allows you to remove the core of apples, pears and other fruit with a twist of your wrist, leaving just enough space inside for a shot. From the moment I saw the ShotCarver, I've been trying to decide what the best combination of liquor and fruit might be: some vodka in a tart green apple seems promising. Of course, you can use the ShotCarver to create other treats--rather than filling that apple with vodka, ice cream would make for a tasty treat. The makers of the ShotCarver also point out it makes infusing a watermelon or other large fruit absolutely simple.

The ShotCarver is relatively easy to clean, despite not being dishwasher-safe. The bright green handle makes twisting the ShotCarver and popping the core out of a piece of fruit relatively easy, as long as the fruit is firm. Peaches and other softer fruit don't really hold up well as shot glasses, unfortunately, but most melons do. The ShotCarver is priced at $11.99.