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All MP3 players all the time, in your car

iME works with iPod, Zune, Zen

iME docks Zen

Tons of products are coming out to help you enjoy your iPod while driving, but many of them seem a bit complicated for our Luddite sensibilities. For us, something like the modestly named iMe might be more appropriate.

The dash-mounted dock hardly qualifies as seamless integration, but at least it's versatile. The iME--which also is an acronym for its maker, Integrated Mobile Electronics--is designed to work with all the most popular MP3 players, including the iPod, Zune, and Creative Zen. Its dock, which also charges the player, connects directly to your car's entertainment system and supposedly allows you to watch video and listen to music without changing any equipment. Even we might be able to handle that. Depending on the price, of course, which is unknown.

(Photo: IME)