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All iPod accessories, all the time

CNET launches a new site dedicated to iPod and MP3 player accessories. Find all the accouterments you need.

Cambridge SoundWorks

So you've managed to get your hands on one of the world's most popular MP3 players, the Apple iPod. The device on its own will keep you plenty entertained for sure, but you'll soon realize there's a lot more fun to be had if you move beyond the confines of what comes in the box. To that end, we've created a one-stop-spot for all the aftermarket gear that can help you take full advantage of your player. Whether you're interested in an alarm set-up to coax you out of bed with your favorite tunes, or a solution for securing your device during calorie-burning activities, you'll find it at our new iPod accessories home page. And for those of you who jam to a different drummer (i.e. a non-iPod MP3 player), take heed: plenty of universal and "made for" Sansa/Walkman/Zen/Zune accessories will be included as well.