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All-in-one Net package

Netcom launches a new one-stop-shopping Internet software suite targeted at business users.

Netcom Online Communications Services (NETC) announced a new Internet software suite today targeted at business users who want to make more productive use of the medium.

NetComplete is a suite of in-house tools and third-party applications that will be sold for $39.95. It includes popular software such as Netscape Communications' Navigator 3.0, McAfee's WebScan Internet virus protection for Windows, and other popular email, Internet phone, and multimedia products, including Qualcomm's Eudora Pro email application; SurfWatch software, the leading parental control product for the Internet; VocalTec's Internet Phone for real-time Internet voice conversations; Adobe Systems' Acrobat Reader to view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files; and Macromedia's Shockwave, a multimedia and streaming audio player.

The package also includes one month of free Internet access. NetComplete is also available in a stripped down version for $4.95. Netcom is an online service provider that is following an industry trend: enticing new customers with easy-to-use bundled solutions that will get people started on the Internet quickly.

The new Netcom suite is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple Computer Macintosh platforms.