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All hail Vint Cerf and his ceremonial robes

One of the unspoken pleasures of becoming a notable world figure is the opportunity to dress up in all sorts of regional garments. How many times has Prince Charles been able to don a headdress from a far-flung corner of the Commonwealth?

Vint Cerf

And the same goes with Vint Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the Internet and now chief Internet evangelist at Google. A few years ago, the University of the Balearic Islands awarded Cerf an honorary degree. As part of the ceremony, Cerf was given a robe (complete with a hat of many colors and a ceremonial amulet) worn by dignitaries at official events on the islands, which are part of Spain.

On his first day at Google, he decided he needed to wear something magisterial, so he popped the outfit on again. Peace reigned through the kingdom.