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All hail the green-screen queen

Queen Elizabeth II became a popular internet meme this week after wearing an all-green dress suit. Online artists decided to turn her fashion choice into a green-screen challenge.

Queen Elizabeth II become internet royalty as a meme when artists used her suit as a green screen.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

When you're Queen Elizabeth II, making a fashion statement every time you venture outside Buckingham Palace is a regular way of life.

So when, for her 90th birthday celebration last week, the queen decided to wear an all-green ensemble in the exact same color as a green screen, video and digital artists had some fun with the photos and YouTube clips.

By treating the queen's green suit as a chroma-key screen, a device often used to insert superimposed images onto another object in TV programs and movies, creative net users could show Her Majesty dressed in everything from pizza to Michael Bay-eque explosions.


With this handy Green Screen the Queen site by British digital-artist and bot-maker Shardcore, all you have to do is supply the URL of a video you'd like to see appear on the queen's green suit, and the site does the rest.

It's rather amusing to watch YouTube cat videos and Star Wars fan films projected onto the queen's posh outfit.