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All hail the golden remote

When a gadget becomes an obsession


How quickly things can turn. Only yesterday, we discovered that we have a mild interest in remote controls (as a lifestyle, not just gadgets); today, we learn that it's already on the verge of becoming a full-blown obsession.

What was our first clue? When we came across an item on BornRich, an innocent writeup on something called the "ThermaSol Steam Shower." It's pretty great, in and of itself: You can have a restort-style steam shower in your home, turning the bathroom into a mini-spa, complete with "a light system, a slick handheld remote, a metallic steamhead, wall-mounted controls and a Temp-Touch Series Control."

But then we spotted the remote. Or, to be more accurate, a handheld work of art that controls the whole system. More than the usual utilitarian device, this golden gadget could be in a display case. The "RemoteLinc," by comparison, should be ashamed of itself.