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All-female miniature-warrior armies rock RPG status quo

A Kickstarter project offering all-women miniature-warrior RPG armies meets its funding goal in 30 seconds, rockets to nearly $350,000 in less than a week.

Sniper miniature
The One-Shot Blonde sniper figure. Raging Heroes

There are heaps of RPG miniatures available. It's easy to find muscled warrior dudes, cloaked wizard guys, armor-clad knights, and masculine beasts. It's less easy to find the ladies, especially ones wielding mighty weapons.

The RPG miniature options for women players (or anyone playing with a woman character) are about to explode with the overwhelming funding response to the Raging Heroes: The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter project. The miniatures come from an experienced French company and are geared for science fiction war game scenarios.

The pent-up demand for female armies is now pouring out into a crowdfunding explosion. The project started with a modest $12,000 goal, which was reached in the first 30 seconds of launch. It has now topped $345,000. Heroine figures are made from metal, while troops are made from resin. Pledges that include a miniature start at $15.

My favorite characters of the bunch are probably the Iron Empire Heavy Troopers, unlocked as a $340,000 stretch goal. These gals are armored to the hilt and have a vaguely alien look about them. I also can't wait to see the Rocketeer-inspired Drusilla Lepic, Skycaptain of the Jetgirls, in model form.

Not every miniature on offer here passes the sensible-armor test. There is the occasional bared midriff and guy-fantasy comic-book cover pose. At least the busty Lady Von Stroheim figurine is strutting her stuff with her boot-clad foot on top of a large pile of skulls. She may be anatomically odd, but she's been kicking some serious space butt. That's progress.

Nepharya concept and model
Both the concept and model for Napharya, the necro-priestess, look creepily impressive. Raging Heroes