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All-American hi-fi for Obama's White House?

Here's an idea, wouldn't it be great if the American high-end audio industry donated an awesome hi-fi to the White House?

America may not make world-class cars anymore, we don't build plasma TVs, or iPods, cameras, or all that much technology of any sort, but in high-end audio, we rule!

Come 2009 I'd love to see the best of the best American audio installed at the White House. The sort of system that the President could, after a hard day's work solving the world's problems, use to kick out the jams with a few James Brown or Parliament-Funkadelic tunes.

I'll volunteer my services to assemble such a system (donated by the manufacturers), with the following components:

The X-2, in all its glory. Wilson Audio

For CDs I love Wadia's 781i player, its state of the art technology will shine with all kinds of music (I have a review coming up real soon in Home Entertainment magazine). It's built in Saline, Michigan. And when the President wants to spin some vinyl, he'll get groovin' with a VPI HRX turntable hand crafted in Cliffwood, New Jersey.

The 300 Series amplifier Jeff Rowland Design Group
New Jersey's best turntable VPI

Based in Boulder, Colorado Jeff Rowland Design Group builds stunningly beautiful electronics. I like their Criterion Preamplifier and Model 300 Series Amplifiers. A lot.

Coming out of Provo, Utah Wilson Audio may very well be the most successful high-end speaker manufacturer in the world. Its Alexandria X-2 Series 2 speaker absolutely deserves a place of honor in the White House.

Just say the word Mr. President and I'll get it done.