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Aliph Jawbone Prime with 'Earcandy'

Aliph announces a new update to its Bluetooth headset line called the Aliph Jawbone Prime. It has better sound quality and comfort than before, plus it comes in multiple colors.

Aliph Jawbone Prime Earcandy
Aliph Jawbone Prime Earcandy Aliph

Aliph has just announced the Aliph Jawbone Prime, the successor to the highly acclaimed Aliph Jawbone 2 from last year. The Prime sports almost the same design as the Jawbone 2, except it has a dimpled loop pattern on the surface and a slight dip on the front to indicate the multifunction Talk button.

Other changes in the new Jawbone Prime include a more comfortable fit thanks to rubber ear buds with loops, and enhanced noise reduction due to a reworking of Noise Assassin, its noise cancellation technology. This means the Jawbone Prime works much better to combat wind noise in up to 10 mph winds, and is even better at eliminating background sound. Also, it improves on the Jawbone 2 by providing a fail-safe mechanism in case the voice activity sensor (that little white rubber nub) does not touch the face. Previously, if it didn't touch your face, your voice quality would suffer. Now, Aliph promises that when the sensor fails to sense your face, it'll still work just as well as any other headset.

I've already tested out the Jawbone Prime, and I have to say the call quality is really good. However, if you already have the Jawbone 2, I wouldn't run out to replace it. The difference in quality is not a whole lot, and the wind noise reduction isn't as great as on the Plantronics Voyager Pro. That said, if you're in the market for a stylish headset with good sound quality, the Jawbone Prime is a great choice. Be sure to stay tuned for our full review of the headset tomorrow.

The Jawbone Prime is available in Blah Blah Black, Coffee Talk, and Going Platinum. And as part of the Jawbone Prime's launch, Aliph has also introduced a whole line of colorful Jawbone Prime headsets it's calling Earcandy, which come in Frankly Scarlet, 'Yello!, Drop Me A Lime, and Lilac You Mean It. Each headset will be available for $129.99 from Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, Verizon Wireless, and a range of other outlets.