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Aliph introduces accessories for the Jawbone

Aliph introduces a Jawbone car charger as well as new fit earbuds.

Jawbone's new fit earbuds
Jawbone's new fit earbuds are among the new accessories announced by Aliph. Nicole Lee/CNET

Accessories for a Bluetooth headset may seem a little much, but Aliph has recently announced a few new add-ons to its popular Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth headset. First, it addresses a few complaints about the Jawbone 2 fit with these new fit earbuds. These rubber ear cushions come with an additional rubber loop made to fit securely within the folds of the outer ear, so you won't need the Jawbone ear hook any more. Aliph also claims that these new ear cushions will make it easier for consumers to place the Voice Activity Sensor correctly.

Jawbone car charger
The Jawbone car charger has a USB cable. Aliph

Next is the Jawbone car charger with USB cable, which is exactly what it sounds like. Nothing much more to say about this silver-looking bullet, except that it will cost you around $29.99. The aforementioned new fit earbuds are free with any new purchase of the Jawbone 2; we're currently checking to see if existing customers will have to pay for them.

UPDATE 11/11/08: According to Aliph, the new fit earbuds will be available around the end of November, free of charge to new and existing customers.