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Aliph breaks out the Jawbone 2

Aliph introduces the Aliph Jawbone 2

Aliph Jawbone 2
Aliph Jawbone 2 Aliph

Aliph has just announced the Jawbone 2, the highly anticipated successor to the Jawbone Bluetooth headset that debuted almost two years ago. If you'll recall, the Aliph Jawbone broke new ground by being the highest-rated Bluetooth headset here on CNET, mostly due to its excellent noise-canceling technology and unique eye-catching design. However, many of you had a few problems with it: It was bulky, a little tricky to wear, and the charge connector seemed a bit flimsy. Well, the Jawbone 2 has changed all of that. It is about 50 percent smaller than the original, with a brand new diamond pattern design that puts its predecessor to shame.

No longer is there the awkward and unusual springy ear loop; instead you get an optional curved ear hook that's far easier to put on. Also, the Jawbone 2 now has a magnetic charging connector similar to that of the Apple Macbooks. But of course, the best part about the Jawbone 2 is its noise-canceling abilities--it still has that Voice Activity Sensor nub that helps to enhance your voice and eliminate background sound, plus its "Noise Shield" technology has been upgraded to "Noise Assassin" (clearly a marketing term) that promises to eliminate even more noise than the original. For the full shakedown of the new Jawbone 2, check out our review as well as our First Look video. The Aliph Jawbone 2 is available now in black for $129.99, though silver and gold versions are coming down the pipeline.