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Aliph adds A2DP to the Jawbone Icon

If you have a Jawbone Icon, you can get a firmware update to add A2DP/stereo Bluetooth functionality.

Aliph Jawbone Icon now has A2DP. Aliph

Aliph Jawbone Icon owners rejoice: you will now be able to add A2DP or stereo Bluetooth functionality to your Bluetooth headset for the unbeatable price of zero dollars. All you have to do is plug in your Icon headset to the computer, log on to Aliph's MyTalk Web site, go to the "Innovations" section, and then add the new A2DP feature. This lets you stream music or any other audio from your phone to your headset.

We were already big fans of the Aliph Jawbone Icon--the variety of the Icon's designs, its features, the audio quality, and of course, the ability to customize and add features to it with just a few simple steps--so the addition of the A2DP feature just makes it that much more impressive. You can get the Jawbone Icon now for $99 retail.