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Alienware enters the MP3 fray

Alienware enters the MP3 fray

Alienware, purveyors of high-performance desktop and notebook PCs, has announced its first MP3 player: the CE-IV. Shipping in October, the CE-IV (CE for Close Encounters) comes in 512MB and 1GB capacities and has a unique otherwordly look about it, complete with an alien head with glowing eyes as the main controller button.

The CE-IV's primary features: MP3 and DRM9 WMA playback; SD memory expansion slot; FM tuner; red or white LCD with standard ID3-tag info fare; and SRS Wow. The unit looks like it has a swappable battery. Other than its Klingon-like styling, the CE-IV doesn't shout, "I'm the next big thing in MP3!" Also coming soon is the Alienware HUB Docking Sound System, a stylized Alien egg-esque 2.1-speaker system. No details on pricing yet for all the new Alienware stuff.